Foundational Cosmic Principles

Bhagavān Śrī Paramaśiva (परमशिव) is the primordial Divinity (Bhagavān) in Hinduism. Śrī Paramaśiva is the Ultimate Reality and Cause, which is self-effulgent (svayamprakāśa), All-pervading, unchanging beyond time, space, form and causality. He is Eternal (nitya), Absolute imperishable source (aparināmi avyayam) of all that is. Paramaśiva, the Pure Consciousness (caitanya) is the Cosmic Principle of Śuddhādvaita, the Pure Oneness, who out of His own Will (icchā śakti) descends with His Cosmic Power, Parāśakti, as the Subjective Cosmos, as the ‘Avatār or Incarnation’ to celebrate His existence, to protect, govern, revive and expand the Supreme Sovereignty of the worlds and its living beings, ordaining the Cosmic Constitution.

As the fundamental base of Unmanifest (avyakta) and Manifest (vyakta) existence, He performs the five cosmic acts (pañcha kritya) of – creation (śristi), Sovereign Rulership and maintenance (sthiti), rejuvenation (samhāra), delusion (trobhāva) and liberating grace (anugraha) for all living entities. 

In the Hindu Source Scripture, Śri Sarvajñānottara Āgama (in the section called vidyā pāda, śivananya-sākśātkar patalaḥ), Sri Paramaśiva reveals, mayāvyāptam idam sarvam dṛṣyādṛyaṁ carācarām | ahameva jagannatho mattassarvam pravartate || – (meaning) All this manifest existence constituted of the Seen, manifest and the Unseen, unmanifest, of the movable and immovable existents, is pervaded by Me (Paramaśiva). I myself am the Lord of the Cosmos. Only from Me all things emerge, flourish, expand and proliferate.

The Ādi Śaiva Minority Tradition (ASMT) – the Original Lineage and Tradition from Śri Paramaśiva till the living Guru 

The Hindu Source scriptures, the Veda-Āgamas, declare and worship Śri Paramaśiva as the Primordial Master (Ādi Guru) of the spiritual kingdom lineage called ‘Ādi Śaiva’ (‘Ādi meaning original’ ‘Śaiva meaning belonging or starting from Paramaśiva’). The Source Scripture Śrimad Kāmikā Āgama (in the section called purva pāda) reveals about Ādi Śaiva and its follower:

– dhārmikaḥ kurute nityaṁ ādiśaivo dvijottamaḥ (verse 4.6) – (meaning) Ādi Śaiva is the most supreme among the twice-born awakened beings; he is virtuous, being always inclined and dedicated to follow the ordainment given by Paramaśiva.” 

– śivādīkṣabhiṣiktasya śivaviprasya dhīmataḥī śivājñā (verse 4.10) – (meaning) “An Ādi Śaiva is one who has been given the most superior ‘Śiva dīkṣa’ – the initiation from personified Paramaśiva in the form of a living ‘Ādi Śaiva’ Guru’ and who is well learned, and such an initiated Ādi Śaiva is always under the command of Paramaśiva.”

From Principle to Personification: Śri Paramaśiva is the Cosmic Principle who incarnates as the embodied “Guru” in any age cycle of time or space. The Living Avatār or ‘Guru’ currently, Bhagavān Śri Nithyananda Paramashivam, therefore, is the Blessed Divinity (‘Bhagavān’), the personification of the “infinite auspicious attributes” 

(ananta-kalyāna-guṇa) and powers (śaktis) of Paramaśiva. He plays within the field of Existence, Himself establishing the Peethas (Spiritual Kingdoms) and Sāmrājyas (States) that empower humanity to manifest the state, space, powers and being of Paramaśiva – which is the purpose of all life as per Ādi Śaiva principles. Thus, His powerful and compassionate incarnation as ‘Guru’ is highly revered in Hinduism as living Paramaśiva, who ordains and sustains the spiritual kingdoms of the world. As a living Guru, He also teaches the executives or caretaker kings of their times, to protect and ensure the Cosmic Principle is abided by as a lifestyle in the respective territories.

Paramaśiva reveals about the ĀdiŚaiva Guru lineage in the Hindu Source Scripture – Śri Sarvajñanottara Āgama (in the section vidyā pada, śivananya-sākśātkar patalaḥ, verse 3) – guruparamparāyattaṁ adṛuṣṭaṁ sarvavādibhiḥ | bhavabandha vimokṣārthaṁ paramaṁ sarvatomukhaṁ || 

– (meaning) “This Supreme discipline of ĀdiŚaiva tradition has been coming down through the continuous lineage of the Guru-disciple (ĀdiŚaiva Guru Paramparā) from time immemorial. This is incomprehensible to those affiliated to various systems, both religious and philosophical. This lineage has been formulated and ordained for attaining complete liberation (mokṣa) from the repeated phenomenon of birth and death; it is Supreme lineage and for the ultimate benefit of all souls.”

The Hindu scriptures, Kurma Mahapurāṇa (chapter 53) and Śiva Mahāpurana detail about 28 incarnations of Bhagavān Śri Paramaśiva. Besides these, infinite are his incarnations as the All-Knower (sarvajña) ‘Guru’ who reveals the source knowledge scriptures, Veda-Āgamas, mounted on the knowledge seat (Ādi Peetha) in the Ādi Śaiva lineage from the Eternal Paramaśiva.

The SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramaśivam is the current living personification (Avatār) of Bhagavān Śri Paramaśiva, who embodies the Cosmic Principles and Cosmic Consciousness in its Absolute.